Back in the days at the start of my career, financial advisors were few and far between. The idea of financial planning was intimidating and felt like an exclusive club for the selected few. All the while the rest of us would press our faces against the windowpane hoping for a look-in. I felt hobbled by my inexperience and lack of network from day one.

My problem was simple: I knew where I wanted to be, I just didn’t know how to get there. To be able to live life on my own terms, I knew I had to be financially free. Was that too lofty a goal for a young girl fresh from China living in a state house? Should I have aimed so high when I was flying so low? Turns out, yes and thank goodness I did.

My light-bulb moment came when I noticed those who are truly successful don’t always have the best university degrees nor impressive job titles. They have one thing in common: a tenacious spirit that is thirsty for knowledge and unafraid to ask for help. They helped me realise I am the master of my success. From then on, my future became truly my own. I started pushing myself to become financially literate and taking steps to build wealth with property. It started with one house, then another, and then another. A few short years was all it took for me and my family to become financially free and live the life we want.

These days, I am driven by new goals and a fresh purpose. I want to put my experience and knowledge to better use by helping others achieve their goals and dreams. I want to show each and every one of you how to take control of your future like I did for myself. I am tremendously proud to present Finax – a mortgage and insurance advisory with a difference. Finax is the culmination of years of experience, building my life from the ground up. It is a celebration of our very human instinct to be better and live better. We will help you see past life’s rough and tumble to stay laser-focused on your vision. We are more than just mortgage brokers. We are problem solvers and lifestyle makers. Tell us your dream and leave it to us to get you there.

Every story has to start somewhere. This is mine. What is yours?

Lucia Xiao, Founder

Meet the team

Lucia Xiao

Founder, Managing Director, and Specialist Mortgage Adviser

Lucia built Finax on the back of a stellar 15-year career in the banking industry all the while amassing her personal wealth with property investment. Known for her flair for finding smarter solutions, it is no wonder Lucia has the reputation for surpassing the seemingly impossible and delivering mortgage clients to where you want to be. Betterment is at the core of Lucia’s business ethos. She doesn’t subscribe to the traditional boxed-in mortgage approach that hinders financial growth and personal ambition. Instead, she is driven by the desire to help you see the bigger picture to ultimately make better financial decisions.


Level 1, 644 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 

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