Lucia Xiao


Self-made Multi-millionaire & Property Investment Mentor Lucia Xiao is a successful property investment mentor, founder of Finax Home Loans and author of Financial Freedom: 5 Steps, 5 Years.

From humble beginnings living in a state house, Lucia has now built a $17 million property portfolio in 5 years, and is on track to double this within the next 2 – 3 years.

Lucia has also been an investment advisor and mobile business manager through the GFC and business and commercial insurance manager for a leading NZ bank. Her experience working with 10’s of thousands of banking customers has equipped her with highly valuable and unique experience for mortgage customers. Lucia also is a proud supporter of Kidscan through the B1G1 program.

Meet the Team

Nicklaus Li - Snr Business Development Manager
Johnson Cheng - Snr Business Development Manager
Johnny Lee - Mortgage Adviser
Lillian Nguyen - Mortgage Adviser
Violet Xue - Business Development Manager
Rebecca Miao - Business Development Manager
Yvonne Yip - Loan Writer
Keelan Clark - Client Relationship Manager
Alice Yang - Client Relationship Manager
Paris Teng - Lending Assistant
Darren Liu - Lending Assistant
Cindy Fang - Lending Assistant
Melanie Evans - Marketing Lead
Anthony Arcilla - Video Content Producer
Janice Li - Marketing Specialist

Hans Bai

Insurance Adviser

Hans holds a bachelor degree in commerce and a national certificate in financial services. Hans worked in one of New Zealand’s leading banks for five years, he has received numerous awards and was recognised as one of the top insurance advisers. During his tenure in the financial industry, Hans has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance field. Hans is extremely-customer centric, he is a strong believer of FINAX’s vision “Empowering New Zealanders to build financial confidence and financial independence”, Hans does not want his clients’ financial freedom goals to be stagnated by any unforeseen events in life, that’s why he is passionate about building tailor made safety nets for them.

Nicklaus Li

Senior Business Development Manager

Nicklaus has been working in the financial services industry since 2016 and is passionate about providing professional funding solutions for customers. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Finance. In 2019 Nicklaus achieved results in the top 10% worldwide for the CFA exam. His diverse cultural background also helps Nicklaus an provide an equally high level of service for customers.

Johnson Cheng

Snr Business Development Manager



Johnny Lee

Mortgage Adviser

Johnny has been in the financial industry for over five years, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and national certificate in financial service. He has excellent analytical skills and a good understanding of the property market. Originally from Taiwan, Johnny has bilingual ability as well as extensive understanding of diverse cultures. He is able to think from different perspectives and assist clients in ways that are most suitable for them. Johnny is highly motivated and is passionate about helping clients to achieve their goal with excellent client service

Lillian Nguyen

Mortgage Adviser

Lillian spent five years working in one of New Zealand’s leading banks, and excelled as Business Relationship Manager. Lillian has a degree in Accounting and International Business and has in-depth experience in Business and Personal lending. She has helped many clients achieve their financial goals – from homeownership to building an investment portfolio. She is passionate about FINAX’s vision of “Empowering New Zealanders to build Financial Confidence & Financial Independence” and it inspired her to find the best solution for clients to achieve their financial goals.

Violet Xue

Business Development Manager



Rebecca Miao

Business Development Manager

Rebecca joined Finax in 2020 as an assistant financial advisor. She is a provisional member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and working towards the CA qualification. She has been working in the accounting industry since 2018. Her accounting background can provide clients with financial advice, as well as tax implications for any transaction made by the client. She has a strong accounting and tax professional with a Master of Commerce focused in Commercial law, which could help clients to their success in the future.

Yvonne Yip

Business Development Manager

Yvonne holds a Bachelor’s degree in commerce with double majors in Finance and Marketing. She has been working in the Financial Services industry since she graduated from university in 2018. Her background in Finance and Marketing makes her very attentive to the ever changing financial market, enabling her to assist customers with professional advice to help them to achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Keelan Clark

Client Relationship Manager

Keelan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and has been working in the Finance Sector since late 2018. Previously his experience has been primarily in the Travel Sector, and now his efforts are focused on developing personal growth for clients over the long term. He may be relatively new to the space but he has always held his clientele in high regard and works everyday to ensure they reach their goals and dreams.

Alice Yang

Client Relationship Manager

Alice has been working in the banking industry for over three years and has extensive experience helping customers with their financial needs. Alice holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with Majors in Finance and International Business. She is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help customers to achieve their financial goals with her customer-oriented attitude.

Justin Croudace

Loan Writer



Darren Liu

Lending Assistant



Cindy Fang

Lending Assistant



Melanie Evans

Marketing Lead

Melanie has over 10 years of experience in marketing, communications, graphic design and customer service. She’s passionate about property having bought her first home at 22 and is excited to help spread the word of Lucia’s mission to help Kiwis realise their financial potential.

Anthony Arcilla

Video Content Producer