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FINAX founder, Lucia Xiao is passionate about helping Kiwis reach financial freedom.

Lucia’s an ex Housing NZ tenant, who through hard work and the correct strategy, built a NZ$17M property portfolio in just 5 years.

Now, she wants to share her knowledge with you so you too can use real estate to achieve financial freedom and live your true life purpose.

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Here at Finax we are all about looking ahead. We see further than the house you are buying today. We see your goals and aspirations as well as your struggles and concerns. In short we see you, for you.

We are more than just pen pushers. We don’t just facilitate the loan deals with a great success rate. We also want to help you make smart choices for your futures. That is why we provide a personalised mortgage experience that will not only get you into the property you want but one step closer to living your dream life.

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