Ways to Increase the Rental Return

With property, it’s important to have a good income stream:

-Firstly, tidy up the place, as a nice and tidy place attracts more potential tenants, hence increasing your return. Work especially on the exterior, garden, and entrance.

-A fresh coat of paint would possibly give you additional $50-$100 per week at a cost of approx. few thousand dollars which will cover the investment back in one year.

-Adding another bedroom, say, a 60m2 one bedroom, you would get a rental return increase by approx. another $100/week. It usually requires the floor plan to be updated, so do check with your local councils.

-Adding a sleepout or converting the existing garage to a sleepout: a double garage conversion to a two bedroom accommodation would be approx. 30k, which would boost the rent by about $350/week. Make sure you obtain the building consent first.

-Rent by rooms, if you have a centrally located 3 bedroom and a sleepout property, your comment rent may be $650/week, but rented out room by room, say $300/week, ×5, you then have approx. $1,500/week.

-Adding another dwelling onsite—this can be a relocatable house, which may be picked up for free as there are developers wish to get rid of old dwellings—the cost is approx. 100k, but gives you another income stream, doubling your returns. Again, obtain the necessary consents from the councils before your start.


About Lucia Xiao

FINAX founder, Lucia Xiao is passionate about helping Kiwis reach financial freedom. Lucia’s an ex-Housing NZ tenant, who through hard work and the correct strategy, built a NZ$17M property portfolio in just 5 years. Now, she wants to share her knowledge with you so you too can use real estate to achieve financial freedom and live your true life purpose. Find out more about Lucia’s mentoring program through the link.

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